What are the benefits of a Monthly Membership?

Aside from Unlimited Yoga, our Monthly Members receive a 15% discount on all workshops, 10% off retail items (snacks and drinks excluded), plus additional discounts and other special deals throughout the year. We also offer three Monthly Member Guest Passes per quarter to our Monthly Members!

When should I choose Monthly Membership over a Class Pass or other package?

If - on average - you attend 3 (or more) classes a week, our Monthly Membership is the most cost effective option for you. If you attend this same number of classes per week but aren't in Savannah for at least 6 months, then our 1-Month Unlimited Yoga package is the best value for you. If you attend a class here and there on a weekly basis, our 10-Class Pass is the best value for you. And of course if you have never purchased our 3 Weeks for $33 Promotional Offer then this package is the best place to start! 

What is the difference between a Monthly Membership and 1-Month Unlimited?

Our Monthly Membership requires a credit/debit card on file and will be automatically withdrawn from that account on the same day each month. The 1-Month Unlimited is a single purchase and is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Is there a commitment with the Monthly Membership and the Shared Monthly Membership, or is it month-to-month?

Yes, both the Monthly Membership and the Shared Monthly Membership have a 6-month commitment period. Following the initial 6-months, the membership rolls over into a month-to-month agreement.  

What is a Shared Membership?

A Shared Membership is made up of 2 associated individuals. Groups can be formed from any connection. All individuals belonging to a Shared Membership are allowed unlimited access to the studio. Here are a few examples of Shared Memberships: family members, co-workers, book clubs, neighborhoods, moms group, etc.

The Shared Membership comes with all the same awesome perks of our Monthly Membership - a 15% discount on all workshops, 10% off retail items (snacks and drinks excluded), additional discounts and other special deals throughout the year, plus three Monthly Member Guest Passes - and each individual associated with this membership receives these perks (meaning each person associated with the Shared Membership receives the discounts and guest passes).

How do I cancel my Monthly Membership?

Thirty (30) days written notice of cancellation is required to cancel your Monthly Membership or your Shared Monthly Membership. 

To cancel your membership at Revolution, send an email to ashley@revolutionyogastudio.com and write “Memberhips Cancellation Request” in the memo section. The email is date stamped and valid from the day and time Revolution receives the email (Eastern Time). Again, cancellation must be a full 30 days in advance.

For example if you want to cancel your membership starting in June and your membership fees are deducted on the 5th of the month, Revolution must receive the cancellation notice no later than May 5th. If - however - Revolution receives the cancellation email on or after May 6th, the termination will not go into effect until the corresponding day in June and the May 5th payment will still be withdrawn. If the May 5th payment were withdrawn, in this scenario you would still have access to the studio through June 4th.

How does my company set up a Corporate Membership?

Please contact Ashley at ashley@revolutionyogastudio.com or by calling 912-508-4337.

I don’t see my question here, what should I do?

Email Ashley at ashley@revolutionyogastudio.com or call 912-508-4337.