At Revolution, practitioners can explore the following methods of yoga: Jivamukti Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow (Non-Heated) Yoga, All Levels Flow, Slow Flow, and Restorative Yoga. In addition to offering three traditional Jivamukti Yoga class types (Open Level, Busy People Yoga and Spiritual Warrior), we also offer the Jivamukti In-Class Private (ICP) along with a unique Roll & Flow class.

Our Jivamukti Yoga classes are dynamic and creative, with asana sequencing practiced alongside an inspiring mix of Western and Eastern music. A typical class is suitable for all levels and includes spiritual teachings drawn from the Focus of the Month, structured asana, sanskrit, hands-on adjustments, relaxation, and meditation. Our Spiritual Warrior and Busy People Yoga classes are set sequence classes created by the Jivamukti Yoga Method. Our Jivamukti Open Level classes differ from teacher to teacher, but all include similar sequencing points to ensure a challenging, fun, uplifting, inspiring, and well-rounded practice.

Our Dynamic Vinyasa Flow (Non-Heated) Yoga classes provide a revolutionary approach to the practice that focuses on connecting breath with movement through creative and intelligent sequencing accompanied by music, joy, humor, and a grounded intention. Modifications are offered, allowing students to choose a basic or more advanced practice according to their needs.

Our All Levels Flow and Slow Flow classes are both great starting points for beginners. Both class formats include the practice of both gentle flow/dynamic and non-flowing/static asanas (yoga postures) and mindful, controlled breathing to help bring peace and acceptance to the body and mind. Through working the physical body in a slow and controlled way - releasing tensions and traumas stored in the body - you create space in yourself and through that space and balance create the opportunity for spiritual growth. All Levels Flow and Slow Flow provide intelligent sequencing accompanied by music, joy, and a grounded intention. 

Our Roll & Flow class is highly encouraged for beginners, as it offers a generalist approach to traditional yoga asana. Focusing first on large coordinated movements designed to invite length and heat into all of our usual problem places (i.e. shoulders, back, hips & hamstrings), we then invite foam rollers into the equation to continue work toward improved mobility and against sticky fascia. Beginner to advanced yogis, athletes, gym goers, and anyone in between will find profitable resources explained and explored in this unique deconstruction of traditional practice. 

All of our classes - regardless of the method - aim to inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect to their own personal wisdom, healing abilities, and expansive potential. Revolution is where the “old” meets the “new”; where “tradition” meets “modern”; where thoughts and actions are challenged in a way to spark action within the Savannah community. All class offerings are suitable for those who have never stepped foot on the mat to the more seasoned practitioners aiming to deepen their practice and transform their life.


Revolution was created from a deep desire to foster a community of like-minded people centered on living a life that reflects the change needed in the world. One world - sharing, growing, and thinking consciously together. The vision is simple - to provide a life giving experience that teaches healthy lifestyles and fosters change; to build a community that encourages compassionate living through global awareness and activism; and to advance the practice of yoga through an expanded approach deeply rooted in tradition.

We are dedicated to environmental sustainability in everything from the studio build out - using reclaimed materials and favoring energy efficient systems; to our everyday practices - no plastic water bottles, no printed paper, no paper towels, and discounts for students who bike to class!


Simply stated, Revolution's mindset is "think globally, act locally." As a studio, we continually work to engage with, support, and uplift everything and everyone local. From commissioning Jose Ray to paint a mural on the exterior of the building - to working alongside locally owned and operated small businesses - our focus remains on contributing to the creative and eclectic culture of our city.