Policies & FAQ


What is the difference between Jivamukti Yoga and Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga?

Jivamukti Yoga is in a warm room (approx 80 degrees, depending on outside temperature). It is a spiritual style of yoga where philosophy, meditation, and scripture are taught in addition to asana practice.

Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga is in a heated room (approx 85-90 degrees) using our heating and humidity system, with each class sequence involving deep focus on connecting breath with movement through creative and intelligent sequencing accompanied by music, joy, humor, and a grounded intention.

Why are there only a two styles of yoga at Revolution?

Revolution is a specialty school. Our teachers have studied directly under Master Teacher's and have undergone multiple teacher training certifications. We are bringing you the best - the best teachers are always specialized.

What do I need to bring?

For Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga you will need: yoga clothes that will be comfortable to get really sweaty in, a towel for your mat (highly encouraged), a towel for your body, a mat, and a bottle of water. Bring an extra set of clothes for after class (we have shower facilities).

For Jivamukti Yoga you will need: yoga clothes (the room isn't artificially heated, but this doesn't mean you won't be hot! Clothes should be something you can move easy in), a mat, a towel for your body (normally hand-sized is appropriate), props (if bringing additional props-the studio is equipped with all you should need), a change of clothes for after class.
*Remember we have items for sale and for borrow should you forget anything.

How many times a week should I practice?

Traditionally: 6 days a weeks.
For the benefits (described below): at least 3 times a week.
As a practice that compliments another activity or sport you are involved in: 1-2 times a week.
To relieve sore muscles or to excel your practice: twice a day.

Anything is better than nothing, do what you can, when you can.

How hot is the room for Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga?

The room is heated only during classes listed as "Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga". The temperature will reach approximately 85-90 degrees with a safe and even humidity level.

What are the benefits of Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga?

Yoga in general is extremely beneficial... the list of benefits includes: weight loss; relief of back, neck and shoulder pain; heals and prevents sport injury; aides in treating depression and anxiety and lowers stress; increases overall fitness and stamina; helps with insomnia; regulates and improves digestion. Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga specifically: allows muscles to stretch more deeply; promotes sweating from head to toe (you will sweat in places you didn't think you would); stimulates circulation; boosts levels of the "mood" hormone serotonin; helps release toxins from the body; excellent detox for your skin (you will leave glowing).

What should I expect if I am new to Heated Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga?

The first time we doing anything challenging we feel a certain way; starting a hot yoga practice is no different! The environment itself is more challenging - it is completely normal to feel dizzy, thirsty, light-headed, and tired in a heated class. What should you do if this happens? Sit or lie down on your mat and sip water if absolutely needed. Stay down as long as you need and then join the class again as you are ready. Try to stay in the room the entire time - you are our responsibility while practicing and if you leave the room, we can't help you. Laying on your mat in the heat is very beneficial on its own.

What if I'm not flexible? What if I can't do all the poses?

Not a requirement! Remember you are coming to class for the instruction. We will teach everything we know and with time and practice, all will come.

If I am new to Revolution but an experienced practitioner where should I start?

With the Introductory Offer and come to any and all classes that fit your schedule!

What if I have an injury or condition? Will this affect my ability to practice?

Yoga has been proven time and time again to heal people from injuries and pre-existing conditions. However, it is important to speak directly with the instructors if you have anything going on at all.


General Studio Policies

Students should always arrive 10 minutes early for class. Students are allowed to enter the practice room up to 10 minutes late, at the discretion of the teacher. When we do not have someone working at the front desk the teacher will lock the front door after the class has started.

Pre-registration for class is valid until five minutes before class begins. At that point, your spot will be open for any students present in the studio who wish to take the class.

New students should provide ID upon registration for their first class.

Age restrictions for classes are at the discretion of the teacher. Students must be at least 10 years of age and joined in class by a parent or guardian until the age of 15. We also recommend that these younger students take unheated Beginner, Basics, and Restorative classes. Any students that are disruptive during class will be asked to leave.

Revolution is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Special Offers do not include towel, mat, or water bottle rentals or any other perks of our Monthly Membership.

Our Monthly Membership has an auto-pay minimum commitment period of six (6) months. For your convenience - after the initial commitment period - the auto-pay will continue until you request cancellation. Thirty (30) days written notice of cancellation is required.

Our Monthly Membership is activated, suspended, and cancelled only by the studio Director, Ashley. If you wish to sign up, suspend, or cancel - please contact her by email at ashley@revolutionyogastudio.com or by phone at 912/508.4337.

10 Class Passes expire three (3) months after purchase date. If you’ve lost track of time and are at risk of your pass expiring, please contact the studio about rolling the remaining classes over. Unused classes can be rolled over for one additional month (month 4) for a fee of $15. This roll over option is valid only once per student.

Our 1-Month Unlimited Yoga option includes unlimited yoga for one month. Activation occurs on the date of purchase and expires one month following. Students who purchase 1-month of unlimited yoga do not receive free towel, mat, or water bottle rentals or any other perks of our Monthly Membership.

Memberships and 10 class passes can be frozen for qualifying events (injuries, extended vacations, pregnancy, etc.) during the time of the disabling event. Extensions to card expirations and memberships cannot be done, with the exception of the one time unused class rollover allowance available for 10 class pass holders.

Recordings of classes of any kind are not permitted unless permission is specifically granted by Revolution.

Return/Exchange Policies

Classes - Revolution does not issue credit card refunds for cancelled classes, Class Cards, Memberships, or workshops - but instead issues a studio credit. This credit can only be used on Revolution purchases including future classes and/or workshops.

Private Sessions - When canceling a private yoga session, we require 24 hours notice for a single student session and 48 hours notice for group sessions.

Gift Cards - When returning a gift card the original email purchase receipt is required. Studio credit will be issued to equal gift card amount.

Yoga Mats and Towels - Revolution cannot exchange/return used yoga mats or towels for hygienic reasons. If unopened, we can offer a studio credit or an even exchange.

Clothing - If you wish to return/exchange any unused clothing please bring it in with proof of purchase (original email receipt) and Revolution can offer a studio credit or an even exchange.

Got Questions? Contact us!
email: be@revolutionyogastudio.com
phone: 912/508.4337