3 weeks Unlimited Yoga for $33

Numerous studies show that it takes 3 weeks (21 days) to form a conscious, mindful habit. The new year is a time for shift and transformation, and we're here to help on your journey to personal evolution! 

First time students as well as those who have been here before but have never purchased the offer are able to take advantage of our special promotion - 3 weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $33! This allows you to attend as many or as few classes as you'd like for 21 days in a row. This offer is a one time purchase and is only available to local residents of the Savannah area. This offer is available for purchase online, over the phone, or in person at the studio. Activation of offer occurs at time of purchase and cannot be applied retroactively. No extensions are available on this offer.

If you're a first time student, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins so we can sign you in and show you around.

Bonus Round: Upon expiration of this offer, you have the opportunity to become a Monthly Member at a discounted rate! If you choose to transition straight from our promotional offer into our auto-renewing Monthly Membership, you pay only $75/month for Unlimited Yoga (plus a bunch of other incredible perks)!. This $10/month savings is guaranteed forever, so your Monthly Membership cost will never increase. Visit our Rates & Discounts page for more details on our Monthly Membership.

...how to be a YOGI(NI)...

be on time: punctuality is the way of the yogi. arrive to class approx. 10 min. before class starts so that you don't feel rushed and have time to settle in before the instructor begins. please try to be in the practice space before the teacher begins, as "people slipping in" is very distracting to other students.

be present: check-in with the front desk, even if you are a regular. listen and ask questions when you need to. ahimsa (non-harming/compassion in action) practice starts on your mat, be aware of your surroundings so that you can keep yourself and others unharmed. pay special attention during inversions practice - especially if new to yoga.

be barefoot: leave your shoes at the door with "your day." not only does this keep our floors and our feet clean, but there is something about leaving your shoes at the door...

be quiet: although Revolution is a place to be with like minded people, be sure to notice if a class is currently going on in the studio and be quiet and respectful to the people practicing while in the lobby and/or changing rooms. the studio is a silent space - once you enter the room be ready to be quiet. this is time for additional asana practice and meditation.

be respectful. always: respect people, the studio, people's belongings. simply remember the golden rule "do unto others as you would want others to do unto you."

be mindful: your mat space is all the space you need - be sure to leave space for others to comfortably join you for class. silence your cell phones as you enter the studio and store your belongings in the changing rooms or cubbies. cell phones and personal belongings are not permitted next to your mat.

be prepared: bring your practice materials and reusable water bottle with you. Revolution does have props and rental materials (mats, towels, glass water bottles) if you should forget. arrive early and clean - there are also shower facilities for your use before and after class when needed. have a look at our FAQ's before you arrive.

be smart: stay hydrated throughout the day. do not come to yoga on a full stomach, it doesn't feel nice! eat at least 2 hours before you practice.

be efficient: book classes and workshops online.

be patient: "practice, practice, all is coming" -Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. do not rush your yoga practice or your results - take your time.

Thank You for BEing at Revolution!